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Indonesiclient Need Biomass Boiler

  • Çetik Isı Boiler | Water Heater With Single Serpentine …

    Water Heater With Single Serpentine EKO BD Detail • Bathroom Type Water Heater Capacity is 60 Liters. Manufacturing is in 3 types optionaly with resistance, without resistance and chrome. • With Serpantine water heaters capacities Between 100 - 6000 Learn More

  • ASB Coil Single Wall Hot Water Boilers - Alfa Kazan

    ASB Coil Single Wall Hot Water Boilers - General Features. BFPN : 110-100 is hot water preparer boiler with copper pipe serpentine and unique wall. It provides hygienic and plenty hot water. It has the feature of using electrical heater and magnesium anode. It is resistant to rusting. It produces hot water in small volumes and high capacities.Learn More

  • Turkey Maktek, Maktek Turkish Manufacturer and …

    MAKTEK KAZAN RADYATOR A.S. biomass boilers, boilers, radiators, floor standing boilers, steel boilers, industrial heating systems, hot water accumulator tanks, pellet boilers, automatic pellet boilers Learn More

  • …

    Hot Water Accumulator Tanks Serpentine Boiler Address:10013 Street No:14 AOSB Çiğli - İZMİR Tel: +90 232 328 21 06 - 07 - 08 MAKTEK [email protected] Localveri Dijital İletişim Çözümleri Learn More

  • Hot Water Boiler with Serpentine (by MAKTEK KAZAN …

    Hot Water Boiler with Serpentine of MAKTEK KAZAN RADYATÖR KLİMA SAN. VE TİC. A.Ş. Product. Share. Capacity from 100 lt to 2000 lt. Vertical type, takes small space. Fast hot water production. Extremely hygienic due to the double layer enamel coating on surface that contacts with water.Learn More

  • Maktek Omega Electric Boiler – MAKTEK

    Maktek Omega Electric Boiler is suitable for both heating and hot water where natural gas is not available. Transforms electricity power to heat power with almost efficiency, any waste composes because it works without a chimney and minimizes carbon footprint.Learn More

  • Boiler Manufacturers Turkey

    MAKTEK KAZAN RADYATOR KLIMA A.S. radiator, radiators, boiler, boilers Phone Number: 4577000 scouring pipe, steam serpentine, hot oil serpentine, water serpentine, cooling coil, heat exchangers, trunk pipe heat exchanger, pipe heat exchanger oil Learn More

  • Çetik Isı Boiler | Horizantal Type Water Heater With …

    Horizantal Type Water Heater With Serpentine And Water Jacket EKO YBSC Expension Tank EKO GT Tags Kazan Kalorifer Katı Yakıtl ı Şömine Buharlı Kat Kaloriferi Konya Çetik Isı İletişim ÇETİK ISITMA SOĞUTMA SİSTEMLERİ SANAYİ TİC. LTD. ŞTİ. + Learn More

  • MKK Series Manual Steel Boiler – MAKTEK

    The water temperature in the system is set from the digital display on the device. When the fuel in the boiler is completely exhausted and the system temperature drops below 25 degrees, the unit switches itself off automatically. Energy saving is provided withLearn More

  • Accumulation Hot Water Tanks – Kubuş Boylersan

    Single Serpantine Boiler Double Serpantine Boiler Accumulation Hot Water Tanks Covered Expansion Tanks Prismatic Solid Fuel Boiler Prismatic Automatic Loading Solid Fuel (Stoker) Horizontal or Vertical Wall Fired Boiler with Serpentine Floor Boiler GalleryLearn More

  • Maktek Epsilon Gas Boiler – MAKTEK

    The Maktek Epsilon Gas Boiler is prouced with a safety system for high and low gas pressures. It also runs smoothly even at low (0.7 bar) and high (2.5 bar) water pressures. It is designed for protect the system against overheating with pump jamm protection, safety system with chimney draught, microprocessor controlled NTC sensor and limit thermostat.Learn More

  • Automatic Pellet Boiler – MAKTEK

    Maktek Pellet Boiler is an electronic controlled and full automatic device designed to use pellet fuel economically. The boiler is able to operate with all kinds of pellet. Protects nature while providing high warming comfort and economy for the house Ignition is doneLearn More

  • Double Serpantine Boiler – Kubuş Boylersan

    KSB.2 Dual Coil Boiler from 200 tl. up to 1000,1500,2000,4000,5000 and 6000 It's produced in many different capacities. DOUBLE SERPANTINE BOILER FEATURES DOUBLE SERPANTINE BOILER PRICE LISTLearn More

  • Turkey Boilers, Turkish Boilers Manufacturers - Made in …

    Industrial Steam Boiler with 2 outlet. FOB Price: 485 ~ 520 / Box Get Latest Price Min Order: 10 Piece Supplying Ability: 10000 Piece / Month Payment Terms: T/T Business Type: Manufacturing No. of Employees: 6-10 Annual Sales Volume: 1 - 2.5 Tags: Industrial Steam Irons.Learn More

  • Maktek Condense Full Condensing Boiler / Product Info | …

    Our Maktek Condense Full Condensing Boiler is produced in high quality according to the needs of the Other Refrigeration & Heat Exchange Equipment sector. 108% high condensation efficiency Calculates the required capacity with its advanced electronicLearn More

  • Prismatic Solid Fuel Boiler – Kubuş Boylersan

    Boiler does not require concrete base. To produce hot water, it can be added boiler feature. Cast-iron broiler. Grids part type, and has the ability to replace only the aging grid. With the excellent insulation (50 mm glass wool), the heat loss is minimalLearn More

  • Hot Water Boilers - Ekotek Boiler

    Hot water boiler is produced as industrial hot water preponderant, with serpentine or double deck system. Our products are working at 10 ATU. Capactiy Between 300 Lt / 5000 Lt Material Epoxy or Galnaviz coated Types Boiler with Serpentine – 10 AT Learn More

  • Double Serpentine Water Heater (KBD) - Isı Tesisat Market

    Double serpentine KBD series of water heaters that take thermal energy from two different heat sources (hot water boiler, steam boiler, solar panels, heat pumps, geothermal energy, etc.) provide both economic and hygienic domestic hot water supply. In addition, system can be …Learn More

  • Hot Water Storage Tanks – MAKTEK

    Hot Water Boiler with Serpentine. Capacity from 100 lt to 2000 lt. Vertical type, takes small space. Fast hot water production. Extremely hygienic due to the double layer enamel coating on surface that contacts with water. Maximum energy saving by using 50 mm thick polyurethane isolation between 100lt-600lt capacities; special sponge isolation Learn More


    WALL MOUNTED BOILERS WALL MOUNTED BOILER ACCESSORIES Provides heating + domestic hot water 13 different capacities from 6 kw - up to 80 kw Works with wireless room control Can be installed everywhere, no chimney connectionLearn More

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